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Common Modern Uses for Bronze

Since the Bronze Age, 3200 BC to 600 BC, humans have used this metal alloy to make metal tools that have lead to societal advancements. While the different formulas and uses of bronze have changed over time, its qualities continue to make it the perfect alloy for many tools, instruments and works of art. The purpose of this blog is to highlight some of the many uses of bronze today.

Bronze Bearings

The makeup of Bronze makes it great for creating bearings because of its increased strength and load bearing properties. Many times zinc, nickel or silver is often added to improve corrosion resistance, toughness and add to the life of the part. Bronze is also an ideal metal for machining into bronze bearings and bushings due to its malleability. Aluminum bronze often used for bearing due to its high strength and excellent shock resistance. It is important to pick the correct bronze alloy based on what it will be used for.

Spark Free Tools

Bronze has a special quality of not producing sparks. This is very helpful when it comes to working in flammable and explosive environments. Hammers, mallets, and other tools that produce friction are best made from bronze when working on oil rigs and other volatile work sites.

Coins, Medals and Sculptures

Getting third place in an Olympic completion is not the best in the World, but it will garner you a bronze medal. Pennies are often thought of as being made of copper, but are typically comprised of bronze. Bronze is commonly used in coins, medals and sculptures due to its ability to be molded, its strength and resistance to corrosion. Check out the bronze David made by Donatello to see an amazing work of art that has truly stood the test of time. Made in the 1440’s you can observe this statue today in Florence at the Bargello.

Musical Instruments

Bronze has long been used to create some of the most commonly used musical instruments. It is the preferred material for bells and cymbals used for centuries around the world. It is also used as components of the harpsichord, guitar and piano. Many of the Saxophones you hear at your favorite Jazz bar are made of phosphor bronze. The tambourine is another instrument commonly made out bronze due to its ability to reverberate a certain jingle.

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