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Bronze Bushings

Bronze Bushings

Custom bronze everything: bronze bushing, bearings, castings, wear plates, etc. Standard sizes too!

Sintered Powdered Metal

Powdered Metal

Sintered powdered metal: plain sleeve bushings, flanged bushings, thrust washers, solid bar, corded bar, plate and discs

Bronze Bar Stock

Bronze Bar

Solid bronze bar, cored bronze bar and bronze plate

Bronze Bushings - Key Components for Mechanical Efficiency

We Love Bushings - Your Bronze Experts. This isn't just a tagline; it's our way of life. For years, we've dedicated ourselves to delivering the highest quality bronze bushings, bearings, wear plates, and the bronze bar stock for OEMs and machine shops who will machine it themselves. Whether you're seeking custom-machined components or standard sizes, we cater to every need.

We take pride in being more than just suppliers; we consider ourselves your partners in mechanical efficiency. Our commitment is to provide not only the best in bronze but also the expertise and support you need for your projects to be successful.

Machined To Print - Custom Bronze Components

Our expertise extends beyond custom bronze bushings. We offer custom-machined bronze components, including:

  • Bronze bushings
  • Bronze bearings
  • Bronze castings
  • Bronze wear plates
  • Grooves for lubrication
  • Graphite-plugged bushings for lubrication
  • Custom sintered bronze bushings

Trust us for all your custom bronze needs - where every detail is machined to perfection.

Bronze Machined To Print
Bronze Bushings Grooving

Bronze Bushings with Grooves for Lubrication

Our precision-engineered bronze bushings have strategically placed grooves that ensure consistent lubrication, reducing wear and extending the life of your machinery. Ideal for high-load applications, our precision-engineered bronze bushings offer reliable and efficient operation. Enhance your equipment's longevity with our specialized lubrication-grooved bushings.

Graphite Plugging & Graphite Filled Grooves for Lubrication

Graphite lubrication in bronze bushings and bearings can be achieved through two methods: graphite plugging and graphite filled grooves. Graphite plugging involves drilling holes into the bronze component and plugging them with graphite, ensuring a consistent supply of lubricant as the component wears down. Alternatively, graphite filled grooves are created by machining grooves into the bronze component and filling them with graphite, providing a larger surface area for graphite exposure. Graphite-plugged or graphite filled grooves offer long-lasting performance, providing a reliable, low-maintenance solution for your equipment.

Bronze Bushings Graphite Plugging
Sintered Powdered Metal Bronze

Sintered Bronze Bushings

Our self-lubricating sintered bronze bushings are manufactured from high-quality powdered metal. Each bushing is sintered to standard sizes, offering a cost-effective solution for those who can use standard dimensions. For specific applications, we can also machine these standard-sized bushings to meet your precise needs. Additionally, we offer the option to manufacture these bushings with a custom die, made precisely to your specifications.

Cast Bronze Sleeve Bushings

Our cast bronze sleeve bushings are produced from high-quality cast bronze. Each bushing is cast to standard sizes, offering a cost-effective solution for those who require standard dimensions. For specific applications, we can also machine these standard-sized bushings to meet your precise needs. These bushings are suitable for heavy-load applications, providing reliable performance and durability.

Cast Bronze Sleeve Bushings
Bronze Start Ratings

There are a lot of vendors out there, but Diversified Bronze is a cut above the rest. They’re our one-stop-shop for all our needs. Not only do they have superior products, but their staff is fantastic to work with!


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