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Why Bronze?

It may surprise you to know, but here at Diversified Bronze & Manufacturing, Inc. (DBM), we work with more than just bronze. We’ve got a wide variety of materials at our disposal—from aluminum and brass to plastic and steel—to meet the varied needs of our customers. But there’s a reason we chose only one material—bronze—to include in the name of our company. Its resilience and versatility give it a profound utility across the wide range of industries we serve. If a customer needs the perfect part, there’s a good chance they need a bronze part.

Corrosion Resistance

Bronze is an alloy—a combination of multiple metals. Bronze alloy is composed primarily of copper, combined most of the time with tin. Both of these metals are non-ferrous, meaning they don’t contain iron. Why is that important? Because iron oxide is the main component in rust. Without iron, bronze doesn’t form rust when it comes into contact with oxygen. Instead, it actually forms something called “patina,” which creates a protective outer layer. Because of this, bronze is an excellent material for applications that involve exposure to moisture that contains oxygen.


Here at our facility in Braham, MN, we create custom parts for hydraulics, construction, marine, power, rail, oil and gas, boat dock, pump, cylinder, forestry, paving, and other industrial applications. That’s a lot of ground to cover, and a lot of industry-specific requirements. For many of the projects we work on, a custom machined part is the best choice. It allows our customers to design exactly what they have in mind, rather than trying to fit their design to an off-the-shelf part. Bronze parts have excellent machinability, giving us the freedom to create highly-specific parts that are tailored to the application at hand. Bronze is especially useful for jobs that require a great deal of complexity or intricacy.

High-Heat Resistance

Applications where extreme temperatures are present can make for some of the most challenging jobs here at DBM. Bronze is one of the best materials for these jobs thanks to its ability to effectively conduct heat and withstand high temperatures without distorting or expanding.

Resistance to Metal Fatigue

Over time and through consistent use, metal begins to weaken due to stress, with small cracks forming throughout. This is regular wear and tear, and necessitates the periodic refurbishment and replacement of metal parts. Of course, proper care and maintenance can prolong the life of any part, metal or otherwise. But starting with the right material is the key to creating parts and machinery that can withstand the test of time. Bronze resists metal fatigue even better than most steels.

Cost Effective

Here at DBM, our customers regard us as trusted bronze bearings and bronze bushings suppliers. Bushings and bearings are the parts that often wear out the quickest on machinery. By utilizing bronze for their bushings and bearings, our customers get a longer life out of these high-stress parts, saving significantly on the high cost of replacing machine shafts and housings. This makes bronze a cost-effective choice.

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