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Powdered Metal Bar Stock

Diversified Bronze & Manufacturing, Inc. provides powdered metal bar, plate, and discs in a wide range of sizes. Powdered metal parts are commonly used when you have a lubrication issue to solve. Our self-lubricating standard bar, plate, and powdered metal disks are in stock, high quality, and available.

DBM ships these products from our headquarters in Braham, MN as well as from our warehouse locations throughout the United States so no matter where you are in the country, you’re never far from Diversified Bronze.

Need a part made-to-order? Diversified Bronze & Manufacturing, Inc. is also a custom machine shop.

Powdered metal bar, plate, and discs we supply include:

Solid Bar

Cored Bar

Plate Stock


Material Specifications

SAE 841 SAE 863
ASTM B438-70
GR1 Type II
MPIF CT-0010-R
Type 1. Comp. A
ASTM B-439-07
GR 4
Mil-B-5687 D
Type 2 Grade 4
Density (gm/cc) 6.4 – 6.8
Porosity (% Oil by Vol.) 19 min.
K Strength Constant 26,500
Tensile Strength 14,000
Yield Strength 11,000 PSI
Elongation (in 1%) = 1
Density (gm/cc) 5.8-6.2
Porosity (% Oil by Vol.) 19 min.
K Strength Constant 40,000
Tensile Strength 22,000
Yield Strength 22,000 PSI
Elongation (in 1%) = 1
**PV 50,000
P = 2,000
V = 1,200
**PV 35,000
P = 4,000
V = 225
Min. Temp: +175F
Max. Temp: +220F
Min. Temp: +175F
Max. Temp: +220F

**Loads and Speeds
Load and speed limitations must be ascertained in order to insure proper bearing design. If design limits are exceeded, the bearing life will decrease and could result in premature failure. To determine the capacity of a bearing, use the following PV formula.

PV = The load per square inch of project area
P = Load
I.D. x Length

V = Shaft velocity in feet per minute