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Photo: Excavator on a construction site

How the Construction Industry Uses DBM Custom Machined Parts

The custom machined parts we make here at Diversified Bronze & Manufacturing, Inc. (DBM) in Braham, MN are built to take a beating. It’s a good thing, too, considering the clients we work with. Our construction industry clients in particular put their equipment—and our parts—through the ringer. With  nearly 40 years in the industry and through countless jobs, DBM custom machined parts have proven time and time again to be well-made and reliable.

We often get called on to provide bushings and bearings to be used at the various pivot points in construction machinery. These are the points where it all comes together—friction, debris, heavy loads—and where one improperly made piece can wreak havoc.   


When we create a piece for a pivot point, we know that it’s going to see a lot of action. Thousands of pivots and rotations will occur, creating friction each and every time. And these pieces need to move smoothly every one of those times. Not only that, but it’s often difficult to provide regular lubrication, so these parts need to be built to last over long intervals without added lubrication. To provide the proper lubrication for these construction machinery parts, we often employ graphiting or grooving.


When people hear the term “lubrication,” they often think of oils and greases. But graphite is actually a dry form of lubrication that reduces friction between metal surfaces. We begin by grooving the ID face of the bearing. Next,  we press graphite into the cavities we’ve created.

Graphiting has a number of benefits. For one, it can be used for places that are difficult to reach, where we typically wouldn’t be able to provide lubrication manually. Second, when compared to traditional liquid- or oil-based lubricants, graphiting can withstand higher temperatures.


We also specialize in precision grooving. Our expertise allows us to meet extremely tight tolerances. We’ve seen our fair share of exacting jobs, and we’ve risen to the occasion every time.


Dirt, debris, concrete, water, oil—corrosion is a fact of life in the construction industry. DBM parts have been used in equipment operating in just about every environment. We know how to design for wet environments, arid landscapes, and everything from the hottest heat to the coldest cold.


Whether you’re talking about earth moving equipment like graders and excavators, lifting equipment like forklifts and pallet trucks, or equipment like pile drivers and cranes, just about everything in the construction industry is built to handle incredibly heavy loads or high-impact forces. Pivot points serve as a focal point for all that weight and pressure. By custom designing parts for each specific job, we’re able to create heavy duty bushings and bearings that can handle the load.   

Time Constraints

If you’re in the construction industry, you’d likely be hard-pressed to think of a project where you had enough time. Typically, due to events outside of your control, you end up working with a quickly-shrinking budget and a truncated timeline. A partner you can trust is an invaluable resource. Diversified Bronze & Manufacturing, Inc. has the experience and expertise you need. We can get you exactly what the project calls for, exactly when and where you need it—even under tight constraints—so that you can meet your deadlines and keep on schedule.

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