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Choosing The Right Industrial Parts Material

The Difference Between Copper, Brass, And Bronze For Industrial Parts Usage

Bronze, copper, and brass can be a challenge to differentiate, especially when you don’t know what exactly to look for. Diversified Bronze & Manufacturing Inc. offers a wide variety of services with in-house machine capabilities to handle industrial services like mining and construction. If you are just starting out with metals, there are quite a couple of distinguishing features that separate the three major parts materials: brass, bronze, and copper. The whole process can be made simpler if you have a basic understanding of the different material components. Copper, brass, and bronze are all referred to as red metals, but feature a number of important differences when it comes to parts manufacturing.

Distinguishing Bronze Parts From Other Metals


Even though they are referred to as red metals, the three have different colors to them. You can identify copper with its rustic finish. Brass has a bright sheen with a brighter finish. Bronze has no sheen and has a darker finish to it.


Of all the three metals, copper remains true to its nature. It doesn’t consist of different metals. Brass consists of a mixture of zinc and copper. Varying the copper composition can lead to the production of different brass materials. Bronze, on the other hand, is a mixture of tin and copper forming the majority of the mixture.


When it comes to durability, copper is not only durable but also very flexible. It is almost impossible to crack when copper is in its purest form.  Bronze has almost the same level of toughness, but doesn’t offer a lot when it comes to flexibility. This can be good or bad depending on how you want to use the material. Brass is also strong although is not as durable as bronze or copper.


Copper is one of the most popular metals. This is because it can be used in several applications. One of the main reasons why it is popularly used is because of its thermal and electrical conductivity. It is a formidable metal and resistant to corrosion. One important aspect of copper is the ability to kill bacteria. A research conducted by the Environmental Protection Agency found out that copper could kill 99% of bacteria after two hours of contact. Copper has been in use since time immemorial. Early Greeks used it to make adornments and tools.


With brass, there are different compositions of zinc depending on the elements that have been included. There are different variations of colors depending on the mixture. An increase in the amount of zinc leads to more ductility and strength. The range in color from yellow to red depends on the amount of zinc that has been added. When it comes to applications, brass is mainly used for decorative and aesthetic purposes because it looks like gold.

Manufactured Bronze Parts

Bronze consists of mainly copper and other metals like manganese, aluminum, and phosphorus. The difference in the composition will lead to different properties. The easiest way to differentiate bronze from brass and bronze is the distinctive faint rings on its surface. Bronze is mainly used in medals, musical instruments, and sculptures. In industrial applications, it is also used in bearings and bushings.

Finds A Bronze Parts Fabricator

Once you’ve determined the metal that is best for your usage, you should contact a company that specializes in creating parts made from that material. For bronze parts, there is no better American fabrication company than Diversified Bronze & Manufacturing Inc. Check us out today at

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Regulatory Trends Driving an Increase in Copper Demand

While not everybody agrees about how to treat, manage, and protect the environment, one thing that everybody in the copper industry can agree on is that environmental regulations have changed a lot over the course of the last 20 years. Based on several current trends, it does not look as though they will stop changing any time soon.

Here at Diversified Bronze, we focus on custom machining services rather than the mining and refining of the metals we work with, but that does not mean some of these trends won’t affect the way we do business. According to a recent report commissioned by the International Copper Association (ICA), there have been big changes in the demand for copper of late, all of which have resulted in an increase in demand for the versatile metal.

Resource Conservation

Gone are the days where miners could simply enter a resource-rich area and scrape it dry of its valuable minerals and precious metals. Governments are growing ever-stricter in terms of mining regulations to help ensure that resources are environmentally sustainable, focusing specifically on eliminating waste by developing products and systems that are more efficient in their materials and design. Copper, for a number of reasons, is exactly the sort of metal to help with that.

Carbon Footprint

One of the most obvious ways that governments are attempting to help the environment is through a reduction in carbon emissions and through the production of cleaner sources of electricity like solar power and wind power. On the surface, it may not sound as though copper has much to do with these policies, but the aforementioned ICA report found that copper was an oft-used metal in the low-emission equipment and renewable energy tech that is responsible for reductions in carbon footprints. This, too, lends itself well to a boost in copper demand.

Control of Toxicity

Another regulatory trend has focused on the toxicity of certain products, which is good both for the people using those products and for copper, particularly since the latter is known for its long product life that minimizes the need for replacement. Other metals are not so kind, very often requiring replacement because they have grown toxic over time. That is, for example, precisely why we do not use lead water pipes any longer.

Social License to Operate

Beyond the scope of government regulations, if a community is not in support of a mining operation, it simply is not going to happen. Copper, however, has a long history of boasting business integrity, and since copper is such a profitable, environmentally-friendly metal, both in terms of mining it and recycling it, there is a good chance that any future SLO in relation to its mining will be easily attained.

Those that work in our custom machine shop can attest how important copper is to what we do here at Diversified Bronze. These trends skew well for a metal that matters quite a lot in our industry. It’s no wonder copper’s future looks so bright.