Sintered Bronze Cored Bar

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We offer two specific sintered bronze alloys, SAE 841 and SAE 863, each carefully manufactured to provide excellent machineability and consistency. Sintering bronze powder results in sintered bronze cored bar stock with uniform particle distribution, ensuring that components like bronze bushings, bronze bearings, and other parts machined from these bars exhibit consistent properties and reliable performance.

SAE 841: Self-Lubricating Sintered Bronze Cored Bar for Friction Reduction in Bronze Bushings and Bearings 

One of the most significant advantages of sintered bronze cored bar stock is its self-lubricating properties, particularly in the SAE 841 alloy. The SAE 841 alloy contains a controlled amount of evenly dispersed solid lubricant particles added to the bronze powder before the sintering process. These lubricant particles create a built-in lubrication system within the material's structure. This feature primarily benefits bronze bearings and bronze bushings, where friction reduction is crucial. By using SAE 841 sintered bronze cored bar stock, engineers can significantly improve the efficiency and longevity of their bronze bushing and bearing designs, as the self-lubrication minimizes wear and tear on moving parts.

SAE 863: High-Strength Sintered Bronze Cored Bar for Demanding Applications in Bronze Components 
The SAE 863 sintered bronze cored bar stock is an excellent choice for bronze components requiring higher mechanical strength and enhanced bearing properties. This alloy is specifically formulated to withstand heavy-duty use and extreme conditions, making it ideal for bronze parts subjected to high levels of stress and fatigue. Industries such as automotive, industrial machinery, and construction equipment rely on SAE 863 sintered bronze cored bar stock for its superior strength and load-bearing capacity, ensuring critical bronze components perform reliably under the most demanding circumstances.

Strict Quality Control for Precision and Consistency in Bronze Bushings, Bearings, and Components 

At Diversified Bronze & Manufacturing, we are committed to maintaining the highest quality standards throughout manufacturing. From the initial powder compaction to the final sintering stage, we adhere to strict quality control measures and industry best practices. This dedication to excellence ensures that every sintered bronze cored bar stock we produce meets the most stringent requirements for precision and consistency, resulting in top-quality bronze bushings, bronze bearings, and other bronze components.

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