Bronze Turning

At Diversified Bronze & Manufacturing we have the knowledge and the experience to fulfill your custom bronze turning and machining needs whether it’s a single one off custom bronze part or a bulk order consisting of thousands of parts. If you are interested in getting a quote for your custom bronze parts then please CLICK HERE FOR QUOTE REQUEST or call us at 800-722-8260.

Bronze Turned Parts
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What Is Bronze Turning

Bronze turning is the process of removing material ( in this case bronze ) from the outer diameter of the work piece while it spins on a lathe. Turning bronze is primarily used to shrink the work piece to desired dimensions while at the same time producing a smooth finish on the metal. The maximum size of the work piece is dependent upon the size of the lathe you are turning it on. There is no minimum size of the finished object since the process of turning bronze works from the outside in, you can eventually turn down the piece until it’s nothing more than bronze shavings on the floor. The process of turning bronze from the inside out is known as boring. CLICK HERE FOR QUOTE REQUEST for more information on bronze boring.

Examples of parts derived from turning bronze:

  • Bronze Inserts
  • Bronze Terminal Blocks
  • Bronze Terminals
  • Bronze Rings
  • Bronze Plugs
  • Bronze Worm Wheels
  • Bronze Sleeves
  • Bronze Spacers
  • Bronze Specialized Clamps
  • Bronze Stand-offs
  • Bronze Studs
  • Bronze Testing Fixtures
  • Bronze Valve Parts
  • Bronze Welding Fixtures