Bronze Grooving

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Bronze Grooved Parts
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What Is Bronze Grooving

Grooving, sometimes referred to as cutting on a CNC lathe, is the process of forming a narrow cavity or “groove” in a part based on a specific depth. Oil grooving and grease grooving can be done on bronze cylinders, bronze cones, or on the face of the bronze part. The shape of the groove is dependent upon the shape of the tool used to perform the actual cutting of the bronze part.

Grooving a bronze part can either be done on the inner or outer diameter of the bronze part. Not to be confused with turning, bronze grooving can only perform cuts in a single direction with a few notable exceptions. One exception is relief grooving or “necking”, which usually takes place at a 45 degree angle.

Applying grooves to bronze parts has a variety of applications with the majority of them based on providing some kind of increased part lubrication. The grooves allow for oil or other lubricants to move throughout the part allowing for greater speed tolerances when compared to non-grooved parts.

Examples of parts derived from grooving bronze:

  • Grease Grooved Bronze Bushings
  • Oil Grooved Bronze Bushing
  • Grease Grooved Bronze Bearings
  • Oil Grooved Bronze Bearings
  • Grease Grooved Bronze Sleeve Bushings
  • Oil Grooved Bronze Sleeve Bushing