Bronze Grinding

At Diversified Bronze & Manufacturing we have the knowledge and the experience to fulfill your custom bronze grinding needs whether it is a single custom ground bronze part or a bulk order consisting of thousands of custom parts. If you are interested in getting a quote for custom bronze parts then please CLICK HERE FOR QUOTE REQUEST or call us at 800-722-8260.

Bronze Parts Grinding
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What Is Bronze Grinding

Bronze grinding is used for a diverse area of manufacturing and toolmaking. It can produce very fine finishes with very accurate dimensions. In mass production grinding can rough out large volumes of bronze or other metal quite rapidly. Grinding is best suited to be used on harder materials however despite the relative softness of bronze, grinding can still be an effective option as long as it is done carefully and by an experienced professional. Compared to "regular" machining, grinding is usually better suited for taking very shallow cuts, such as reducing a shaft's diameter by half a less than a thousandth of an inch.

Grinding is considered a subset or type of cutting since grinding is a true metal-cutting process. The abrasive tool used in the grinding process usually spins at a higher rpm than other forms of cutting and the tiny particles attached to the abrasive tool break of tiny chips of the material being grinded. These tiny chips are commonly referred to as grinding dust. It’s highly recommended when grinding bronze or any other material to wear some form of face mask to prevent breathing in the dust or “chips” that the grinding process removes from the work piece.