Bronze Face Milling

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Bronze Face Milled Parts
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What Is Bronze Face Milling

Bronze facing can be done two different ways: on a milling machine or on a lathe. Facing on the milling machine involves multiple milling operations. Face Milling Bronze on the lathe is commonly used in turning and boring operations. Planing, shaping and grinding are similar operations to facing however they all differ enough that they are not considered to be a “facing” process.

Bronze facing on a lathe involves using a special “facing tool” to cut a flat surface perpendicular to the bronze work piece's rotational axis. The tool feeds perpendicularly across the bronze part's rotational axis as it spins. Facing can take the bronze work piece down very accurately to its finished length.

Bronze facing on a milling machine is the process of cutting a flat surface perpendicular to the axes of the milling cutter. The process removes material from the bronze part by rotating the facing tool in a counterclockwise direction as the table feeds the work piece across the cutter. Face milling is usually done with a face mill, shell mill or a fly cutter.