Bronze Boring

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Bronze Bored Parts
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What Is Bronze Boring

Bronze boring is the process of enlarging an existing hole that has already been drilled or cast into the material. Boring does not require a pre-existing hole however a pilot hole drilled into the material is a common practice. Similar to turning, the part being machined is spun while the cutting tool remains stationary. Boring bronze as opposed to drilling is used to achieve a more accurate hole diameter. In addition to hollowing out or drilling out, boring bronze can also be used to cut a tapered hole in a part.

Boring is considered its own form of machining and not considered “turning” because of how much more involved the process is. When boring bronze, or any other material, the machinist needs to take into consideration; the rigidity of the material and how it’s supported in the lathe, clearance angle requirements, the surface finish throughout the part and the size of the part.

Examples of parts derived from boring bronze:

  • Bronze Bushings
  • Bronze Sleeves
  • Bronze Bearings
  • Bronze Valves
  • Bronze Pipe
  • Bronze Tubing