Most Popular Bronze Alloys

Bronze Alloys Available From Diversified Bronze

  • C23000 Red Brass 85%

    C23000 red brass is an alloy that has 85% copper, giving it a rich red color. Because of the color and ease of shaping, architects often use it to improve the look of a building. In addition, it resists dezincification and has moderate strength.

  • C26000 Cartridge Brass

    C26000 cartridge brass is a popular brass alloy that has a yellow color. It has good electrical and thermal conductivity, strength, hardness, and wear and corrosion resistance. Additionally, it has the best ductility of all brasses.

  • C31400 Leaded Commercial Bronze

    C31400 leaded commercial bronze maintains the corrosion resistance of other bronzes but also has better machinability. It works well in situations where corrosion can happen, but you don't need high strength.

  • C34500 High Leaded Brass

    You can order C34500 high leaded brass from Diversified Bronze. This alloy has very high machinability because it has higher amounts of lead. In addition, it resists corrosion well and has high strength.

  • C35300 High Leaded Brass

    Diversified Bronze has C35300 high leaded brass available for your manufacturing needs. A wrought alloy, this particular brass has very good machinability and moderate strength. It does well in cold-work situations and in situations without annealing.

  • C37700 Forging Brass

    Another wrought alloy, C37700 forging brass, earned its name because it makes an excellent choice for forging. With exceptional hot-working characteristics, it can be easily shaped and has good machinability and moderate strength.

  • C38000 Architectural Bronze, Low Leaded Alloy

    C38000 low-leaded architectural bronze is a wrought alloy that works well in architectural applications. While called bronze, the alloy is brass with a rich, golden luster that heightens the looks of a building's interior and exterior. It resists corrosion well when not used in marine applications.

  • C38500 Architectural Bronze

    C38500 architectural bronze is one of the wrought alloy Diversified Bronze has available. This alloy has excellent machinability and is often used in architectural applications. With a golden luster, it enhances buildings’ interiors and exteriors.

  • C46400 Naval Brass, Uninhibited Bronze Alloy

    C46400 uninhibited naval brass earned its name because people trust it in marine applications. Because tin is added to the alloy, it has improved strength and resistance to dezincification. It is a wrought alloy with good corrosion, wear, fatigue, and galling resistance.

  • C48200 Naval Brass, Medium Leaded Bronze Alloy

    C48200 medium-leaded naval brass is one of the wrought alloys Diversified Bronze has available. It has decent strength with lower ductility. Additionally, it has good corrosion resistance, making it a good alloy choice for marine applications.

  • C48500 Naval Brass, High Leaded Bronze Alloy

    C48500 high-leaded naval brass is ideal for applications needing electrical and thermal conductivity. This wrought alloy has good corrosion resistance, making it suitable for marine applications. In addition, it is good for machining and hot forging.

  • C62300 Aluminum Bronze Alloy

    C62300 aluminum bronze is a wrought alloy. It is notable for its high wear and corrosion resistance, and it also has high strength, resists acid, and is non-sparking.

  • C62400 Aluminum Bronze Alloy

    C62400 aluminum bronze is a wrought alloy. It has good strength and high corrosion resistance, and heat-treating improves these properties.

  • C63000 Nickel Aluminum Bronze Alloy

    C63000 nickel aluminum bronze is a wrought alloy that has nickel for added strength. It works well in applications where heavy loads, abrasive wear, or corrosion are present.

  • C63200 Nickel Aluminum Bronze Alloy

    C63000 nickel aluminum bronze is a wrought alloy that has nickel for added strength. It works well in applications where heavy loads, abrasive wear, or corrosion are present.

  • C64200 Silicon Aluminum Bronze Alloy

    C64200 silicon aluminum bronze is one of the wrought alloys available at Diversified Bronze. This alloy has good fatigue resistance and is anti-galling. It has the best machinability of any bronze alloy without the addition of lead.

  • C64700 Nickel Silicon Bronze Alloy

    C64700 nickel silicon bronze is a wrought alloy that has moderate strength and good corrosion resistance. Because it has a golden bronze color, it is an attractive option in a variety of applications.

  • C67300 Manganese Bronze Alloy

    C67300 manganese bronze is a high-strength wrought alloy that resists corrosion well. It works best in high-load applications when you need excellent wear resistance.

  • C67400 Manganese Bronze Alloy

    C67400 manganese bronze is a wrought alloy we have available at Diversified Bronze. It is known for its high strength and resistance to corrosion. Because of its durability, manufacturers often use it in heavy-duty mechanical components.

  • C67410 Manganese Bronze Alloy

    Much like other manganese bronze alloys, C67410 resists corrosion well. When used in bearings, C67410 can handle high speeds and heavy loads. By including manganese, iron, and aluminum, this alloy resists seizing.

  • C86300 Manganese Bronze Alloy

    C86300 manganese bronze is a strong alloy able to withstand high wear, heavy loads, and slow speeds. It is a durable alloy that cannot be heat treated. Because of its longevity, you can find it used in architecture frequently.

  • C86400 Manganese Bronze Alloy

    C86400 manganese bronze resists wear and has high corrosion resistance. Including lead increases the machinability of the alloy, which has a golden color. People often call C86400 architectural bronze because it is often used in architecture.

  • C90300 Tin Bronze Alloy

    When you need an alloy that can work in high-load and low-speed applications, you’ll find the ideal solution with C90300. This lead-free cast bronze alloy has high tin content and copper materials. This combination makes the alloy more durable than copper and gives it excellent wear properties.

  • C90500 Tin Bronze Alloy

    C90500 Tin Bronze is a cast bronze alloy with high tin content. It is very durable and good in high-load and low-speed applications.

  • C90700 Tin Bronze Alloy

    When durability and strength matter, you need C90700, a cast tin-bronze alloy. It is a strong, durable alloy that resists corrosion, particularly with saltwater.

  • C93200 High-Leaded Tin Bronze Alloy

    A durable high-leaded tin bronze, C93200 is a cast alloy made up of copper, tin, and lead. It has good strength, wear resistance, and anti-friction properties. Because it resists corrosion well, it can be used in many different applications.

  • C95400 Aluminum Bronze Alloy

    C95400 aluminum bronze is a popular bronze alloy. It has high tensile and yield strength while maintaining good machinability. Plus, it resists wear and fatigue, and it doesn't deform easily under shock and load, either.

  • C95500 Nickel Aluminum Bronze Alloy

    C95500 nickel aluminum bronze is an alloy made with copper, aluminum, iron, and nickel. It has exceptional durability and works well in applications with high loads and heat.

  • C95510 Nickel Aluminum Bronze Alloy

    C95510 nickel aluminum bronze has exceptional yield and compressive strength. Also, it resists corrosion and heat well. With high hardness and durability, C95510 works well in high-impact applications.

  • C95900 Aluminum Bronze Alloy

    C95900 aluminum bronze is a durable alloy that works well in high-load applications. It also handles abrasive conditions well when paired with hardened steels.