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Benefits of Using Custom Bronze Parts

Photo: Custom Bronze Parts

We provide built-to-print parts to a range of industries including agriculture, boat docks, forestry, and oil and gas.  Our precision machining and fabricating capabilities ensures that your company can keep its equipment running smoothly and at peak efficiency. Our team of skilled, experienced, trained machinists have the ability to look at your print and machine the parts to exact specifications. If you choose to work with us, you will no longer be restricted to commercial off-the-shelf components or spend time trying to jimmy-rigging parts or materials. Another advantage of custom parts is that there will be less waste, as you’ll be ordering only the parts you need.  Orders can also be easily replicated for future projects which cuts down on waiting time.

Avoid Lost Time and Optimize Design with Custom Machined Parts

If you want the right part for the job at hand, your best bet is a custom machined part. Just as struggling to use off-the-shelf components can have unintended consequences, going the custom route can have unintended benefits. At Diversified Bronze, we know bronze parts, and when you work with us, our expertise is at your disposal. We can help you view your problem from a new perspective and work to create a part that’s ideal for your design.

We can also help you select the right material for the job. And have no fear that we’ll get tunnel-vision. We know bronze and brass don’t cover every scenario, which is why our in-house machining capabilities include aluminum, aluminum bronze, plastic, powdered metal, and steel. We possess best-in-breed technology and equipment for turning, boring, grooving, facing, milling, drilling, grinding, and deburring, along with the expertise to do it right.

A Valued Partner

When you work with Diversified Bronze, you get more than a contractor, you get a partner you can trust. Your success is our success, and we take our commitment to your job seriously. Once the job is done, that doesn’t mean our partnership has come to an end. Many of our customers have learned another great benefit to working with us on custom parts: When it comes time to modify or update those parts, we’re here to get the job done quickly. As markets have changed, product lines have grown, and designs have been fine-tuned, customers have been able to count on us every step of the way.  

For precision, timeliness, quality, value, and service on all of your custom machined parts, turn to the skilled machinists here at Diversified Bronze & Manufacturing, Inc.