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Rooted in Custom Bronze Bearing Manufacturing

Company president, Loren Davis, launched his career in this field in 1978. For more than three decades he committed himself to the industry, learning the processes and perfecting his vision of what a parts manufacturing and distribution company should be. Embracing that vision, he launched DBM in 2007. Since then, Loren has built a business known and trusted industry-wide.

Attention to Detail is Key

At DBM we also know that our customers very businesses bank on efficiency and quick turn-around times. But speed isn’t a substitute for quality. That’s why we focus on expedient production and distribution coupled with the highest quality end results. Attention to detail is the key, and we’re passionate about it.

We also believe it’s important for our customers to feel valued. That means we deliver nothing less than professional, courteous, and prompt customer service. From issuing quotes to delivering parts, our emphasis is always on superior customer service.

We’re Here for You

No matter what your industry or needs, for quality custom machined parts as well as standard bronze and powdered metal parts, we’re here for you. Receive your customized quote when you call DBM today at  (888) 722-8260.